Available courses

This course is created with the group setting in mind. There will still be worksheets and small tasks to keep you moving along thru your virtual tour.

This is more than a virtual tour. This is a place to tell your story. This is a place to share information, talk about how you feel, sharing information. 

Intro to coding for all ages. This is a free tour for anyone to join. We will be covering some concepts to get you coding in no time. HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT will be our main focus. We may also venture off to Arduino and Raspberry Pi's.

This tour is designed to bring couples closer together. A lot of relationships began to fall apart after events where both party's still need room to grow. This is a deep tour for couple where the correct questions are asked. Everything you will get out of this virtual tour will build your relationship to new levels.

This is a virtual live tour for singles. You will find all the information need to complete the tasks week by week. Thank you for joining Virtual Live Technician.

The tour is designed for Groups in mind. The sessions are designed to start you where you are. All the tasks are simple however you may find some questions you may have not asked yourself.